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The handy LAUDA bubble pressure tensiometer MPT C also records fast surfactants in millisecond range.

The new bubble pressure tensiometer MPT C has been added to the family of LAUDA tensiometers. As opposed to scientific research tensiometers – the final step has been taken for the full automation of dynamic surface tension measuring. Ultimate user-friendliness is achieved without having to take a detour via the PC. The extremely compact stand-alone device offers all the
necessary features for the simple measurement of dynamic surface tensions in the laboratory or as a mobile device.


Application examples:

- Optimisation of drop sizes
- Determination of surfactant consumption

Additional applications:

- Measurement of dynamic surface tensions in a time range of below
  one millisecond up to 20 seconds
- Simple measurement of higher-viscosity and biological solutions
- Exact determination of concentrations above the critical micellar

As a surfactant monitor, the MPT C monitors processes with an online flow cell and extended software functions:

- Surfactant production
- Surfactant content in waste and cleaning water
- Washing processes and their surfactant consumption

Various areas of application
Thanks to the self-explanatory user guidance, the simple cleaning of the capillaries as well as the compact structure of the unit, the unit is especially suitable for the quality control of dynamically-critical surfactant solutions or for the fast determination of a surfactant in concentrations above the critical micelle concentration. The MPT C is robust, user-friendly and highly precise. Measurements are carried out completely independently by the user and documented along with the necessary settings. Thus complying with the strict specifications of the GLP guidelines.

Example: optimisation of the surfactant dosage
It is only by measuring the surface tension of extremely shortlived surfaces of washing-up liquids that the surfactant content can also be determined above the critical micelle concentration and be optimised directly in the process or a dosage formula be developed from it.

Application Application