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Economical introduction into the world of tensiometry with the LAUDA Ring/plate tensiometer TD 1 C.

The TD 1 C units, whose technology has been completely revised and which bear a new design, offer even easier handling due to the handy remote control Command which has proven itself with LAUDA thermostats and measuring instruments. State-of-the-art processor technology allows extended documentation options. The sample stage of the easy to handle tensiometer can be manual adjusted. The measuring values are only displayed on the remote control. The evaluation of these values can be printed on an optional protocol printer. So the TD 1 C is a very flexible and highly precise measuring instrument.


Application Examples

The perfect instrumentation for professional training. At the university’s practical training in physics the robust and intuitive TD 1 C allows students to mesure exactly – and without additional corrections - the static surface and interfacial tension of numerous liquids according to the standardized methods of Du Noüy and Wilhelmy. Furthermore, they are able to determine the density according to the Archimedes‘ principle of liquid media. Now it is possible by a single, well-priced instrument to combine various experiments.

Additional applications:
- Testing of cleaning water for detergent residues
- Determination and testing of the physical characteristics
   of solutions
- Development and testing of surface-active substances such as
   surfactants and emulsifiers
- Detection of surface-active substances in wastewater
   and other water