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Drop by drop more precise:
The LAUDA Drop volume tensiometer TVT 2

The LAUDA Drop volume tensiometer expands the options for measuring the dynamic surface tension and interfacial tension of liquids. In a unique process, the system can be controlled under Windows with minimum loading of the computer, even when multi-tasking. New functions, such as individual drop measurement of up to 100 drops are now possible. The LAUDA Tensiometer TVT 2 consists of a measurement desk and a control unit. The core of the electronic component is a microprocessor that controls the discharge speed, the counting of the encoder pulses, and the communications. LEDs and pictograms indicate the current status of the unit. Keys are provided for positioning the syringe plunger even in offline mode. During online operation, an RS 232 interface enables communication with the operating PC.


Application examples

- Wetting agent concentration in galvanic baths
- Screening tests of emulsifiers

Additional applications that cannot be handled or can only be handled incompletely with other devices:

- Characterisation of the dynamic behaviour of surfactant molecules
  at the surface and interface within seconds or hours
- High-precision measuring of interfacial tension in a very wide range
  down to 0.1 mN/m
- Measurements on highly volatile and/or toxic substances, through
  gas-tight sealing of the system
- High viscosity and skin-forming liquids can also be measured easily
  and rapidly

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